• Ms. Morristown

5 Fall Worthy Cocktails

I LOVE FALL! So does every #basicbetch out there, I get it. But I'm owning it and having fun celebrating every day of this fall season.

So to take my "BASIC-ness" to another level I decided to do some market research to come up with 5 Fall Worthy Cocktails that you and every other basic betch out there needs to try. Here they are:

  1. EOE: Strange Brew

  2. SM23: Pumpkin Spice Latte

  3. JHBK: The Last Temptation

  4. G&M's: Fall Harvest Mule

  5. Iron Bar's: Shipyard Pumpkinhead w/cinnamon-sugar rim

Let's start with End of Elm, the first stop on my fall drink tour, I mean...research site. "Autumn Calling" is the name of their Fall Drink List and let me tell you the Strange Brew was calling my name. This tequila based cocktail combines cream sherry, pear, cinnamon and granny smith apple to create not only the perfect color shade (if fall had a crayon color this cocktail is it) but also the taste is crisp and warming at the same time. A total must try!

SM23 Pumpkin Spice Latte: The Most Basic of Them All Cocktails. How can you go through fall and not have a PSL? The after 5pm version of this question is how can you have a PSL sans tequila? ANSWER: You can't. What makes this cocktail even better is that is is served in a latte mug. Total high score on the BASIC-o-Meter.

The Last Temptation. Sounds so alluring and it is. When the weather gets crisp the apple brandy in this cocktail is sure to warm you up. Plus the chartreuse liqueur and freshly grated cinnamon give a sweetness that will have you asking for another (cough cough market research.)

The Mule might be the drink for all seasons and George & Martha's knows how to transition this typically thought of summer drink right into fall. The vodka and ginger beer are still present but add in fresh, milled apple cider and a cinnamon stick and you my friend are in basic business.

Where are my beer lovers at?! I did not forget about you! There is no shortage of pumpkin beers out there but when it comes to drinking more than one of these beers and not feeling like King Jack-o-Lantern the list shortens. Not with Shipyard Brewing Pumpkinhead Ale. This brew you can easily drink more than one of, maybe too easily. I had three..again, market research. What made this brew even better was the frosty mug Iron Bar served it in and the sweet cinnamon sugar rum perfectly compliments the pumpkin and hops.

So there's my list! Comment below if you have tried any or have any other recommendations! Market research round two!

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