• Ms. Morristown

A Sneak Peek of The Rock Box: Morristown’s new crystal, lifestyle boutique

Guys, I have been wanting a crystal shop to come into Morristown since I started this blog. Three years later and it’s here! Well, actually February 2020 it will be here. But I got an exclusive sneak peek of what the store will carry and I got to meet the owner, Kelly, and find out all about her vision for The Rock Box’s Elm Street storefront.

BTW even if you’re not into crystals, you’re going to want to visit this store. The Rock Box carries books, jewelry, dreamcatchers and other unique gifts. So if crystals aren’t your thing (they might become your thing after a visit) don’t worry, you’ll definitely want to check this space out and you’ll probably go back more than once.

When Kelly invited me into her home I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I pictured sitting on the floor as she pulled random crystals out of packed boxes. But what I saw when I walked in completely blew my mind. She had transformed her living room into a mock shop. There were crystals of course, but so many other unique items that I had to do 3-4 full walk throughs to take it all in!

There were candles, essential oils, body scrubs, journals, books, jewelry and more! The Rock Box

carries ritual kits for manifesting love and prosperity. They also carry handmade items from all over the world each with its own unique story. Kelly knows all of the makers she sources from and wants to create an experience when you visit her shop. She encouraged me to spend time reading about the items, picking them up and seeing what I was drawn to.

During my visit, I picked up a book entitled CrystalRX to learn more about crystals, a set of mala intention beads sourced from India, some incense, a candle with the mantra Hustle & Flow and some super cute long stem matches in a chic glass bottle. I was there for almost an hour and could’ve been there longer! I already want to go back and pick up one of the ritual intention kits they carry!

The Rock Box will be open in February 2020. Stay tuned for an exact date! Also, be on the look out for events involving The Rock Box. Kelly told me she plans on partnering up with a yoga studio for a crystal class or Pop-Up Shop!