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Build-a-Beer Garden!

What's better than a few good beers with a few good friends? How about enjoying those beers and friends while building your very own miniature beer garden! Talk about good therapy! This post is about my PlantNite experience at the Horseshoe Tavern in Morristown, where I built a beer garden terrarium complete with succulents, a river, moss and a tiny beer can.

First things first, I was not blessed with a green thumb. But I heard caring for succulents was as low maintenance as it gets and forgetting to water them was actually a good thing. Sign me up!

When I arrived at Horseshoe Tavern the entire downstairs bar area had been transformed. The tables were draped with neon green table cloths and each chair had a matching apron on it, complete with your very own miniature shovel. Our PlantNite host, Katherine, got everyone started with building the terrariums. She supplied everything: The terrarium, the succulents, stones, sand, rocks, dirt, moss, tiny beer cans.

After some education on how to prepare your succulents; (they need to be freed from the dirt and spritzed! Sounds like a spa treatment that I want ASAP!) it was then up to me to strategically arrange them in my terrarium. Once that was complete, creativity took over and

I used blue sand to create a mock river, multi-colored moss for dimension, a sign that read: "Drink Good Beer with Good Friends," a tiny beer can, and a rock that I drew a horseshoe on because well, after all I was at Horseshoe Tavern. Obvi.

Two beers and a terrarium later my first PlantNite was officially over. But not without some serious fun memories and a beer garden that is:

1. Still alive one month later and...

2. Has only been watered once!

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