• Ms. Morristown

Escaping the Witch Hunt

I'm embarrassed to say that it has taken me up to this point to finally try Trap Door Escape Room in Morristown. I was seriously missing out on a witchin' good time.

There are currently three different "experiences" at the Morristown Trap Door Escape Room:

  1. Witch Hunt

  2. F5 Tornado Escape

  3. Puzzles & Corks

My friends and I opted for Witch Hunt being it was close to Halloween. There were nine of us total and we had 1 hour to "escape" aka solve the puzzle.

After a thorough explanation of rules, we were locked in a large room (technically multiple rooms), and were tasked with determining whether or not a witch was guilty during the Salem Witch era and should be prosecuted or go free.

Without giving away too much...know that everything is a clue! Just don't touch the candles! lol. If you are competitive, like I am, you will absolutely LOVE this. It is mentally challenging and forces you to work together to solve all sorts of puzzles. And just when you think you are stumped, someone on your team, (or the wise one who watches) will crack a clue.

We made it out and with 12 minutes to spare! You would think this was some sort of record, it's not... But we were still impressed!

I will definitely be back to try the other experiences. The F% Tornado has wind and stairs involved! WHAT! Also, Trap Door is currently working on a new experience, The Greatest Freak Show, which 1. Just sounds amazing and 2. They serve real carnival snacks while you're trying to escape. Sign me up!

Have you tried escaping and made it out? What experiences have you done? Comment below!

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