• Ms. Morristown

Finding Friends at Morristown Besties

Making friends is hard. Especially when you're out of school, just moved to a new town or you're at a different stage in life than your current group of friends. We've all experienced the following scenario at some point...You want to get out of the house and go do something fun but you literally have no one to go with. Life can be seriously lonely.

Besides work, the gym or the randoms you see while getting coffee, how do you meet new people with similar interests? And BTW does work even count as an interest?

Well, myself and Stephanie Willis of Addy & Bloom knew there was a need for how to find and make new friends, both from personal experience and "market research" via Instagram polling. So we met for lunch at Town Bar & Kitchen and brainstormed how we could solve this dilemma. Within 2 hours Morristown Besties Social was launched.

Morristown Besties Social is a casual, fun way for local, young women to connect.

Right now our default target demographic is women mid 20's thru late 30's, but ALL are welcome! The Socials occur monthly, and rotate to different locations throughout Morristown. The night features drink and food specials, creative conversation starters, giveaways from local Morristown businesses AND everyone that attends gets a Morristown Besties Friendship Bracelet!

The first Morristown Besties Social took place this past Thursday at Town Bar & Kitchen.

We posted the event with 30 tickets available and within 4 hours it completely sold out!

We even stared a wait-list which ended up having over 30 people! Clearly there is a need here!

The event was a huge hit! We had 30 girls from in and around the Morristown area all wanting a night out to meet new people. We had two specialty cocktails concocted specifically for the night: The Morristown Berry Bestie and BAES for Days. (If you attended, comment below which cocktail you tried!)

And...there were giveaways, giveaways and more giveaways ALL from local businesses! A HUGE thank you to Blowout, PlayaBowls Morristown, Plush Cleaners, Ride + Reflect, and StretchLab Morristown. Stephanie and I felt like Oprah handing out all of the prizes! It was SO much fun. PS. If you are a local business and are interested in donating a giveaway, please email msmorristown@gmail.com

Since the first social was such a success and not everyone was able to attend, we knew we had to get the next one set up and in a bigger space. So for our next Morristown Besties Social, we reserved the Rathskeller at Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen.

To get your ticket to the next Morristown Besties Social happening on June 12th click here. And remember our last social sold out in just 4 hours, so HURRY!

Hope to see you there! #findabff