• Ms. Morristown


This post is all about my first ever experience getting eyelash extensions. I've had "fake" eyelashes before...you know the ones you have put on for prom or weddings. But never have I ever had individual, meticulously placed on one-by-one lash extensions. I have to admit I was a little nervous going into this experience. I have extremely sensitive skin and have a difficult time relaxing so I really wasn't sure how all this would play out. Despite my reservations I went for it.

From the moment I walked into Mimo Lash Boutique in Morristown I was relaxed. The space is beautiful and the spa music is a plus. Robert gave me a full tour of the boutique and offered me water while I filled out the paperwork. Then Veronica my lash technician, came over with a picture of multiple eyelash "looks" to chose from. I picked the "Gorgeous" look which turned out to be 120 lashes per eye! She then led me over to one of the beds. I laid down, had a blanket put on me, eyes taped with what felt like a cool cucumber or green tea tape and fell asleep... Yes! The self-proclaimed girl who can never relax fell asleep during her first ever eyelash extension experience. If that's not a testament to how painless and relaxing it is then I don't know what is!

I woke up to Veronica gently shaking me and holding up a mirror telling me to look at my eyes. Wow! I couldn't believe it. The eyelashes were truly gorgeous and didn't have that fake look. It honestly looked like I had grown these lashes overnight!

I was instructed not to put mascara on them on that I could wash my face as usual but just to be careful rubbing my eyes. I love mascara so the thought of not applying it as part of my morning routine was strange. I soon realized that I didn't need it at all. In fact I barely needed eye-shadow! The lashes gave me this perma-glam look that needed minimal makeup! My morning routine was cut down by about 10 minutes!

I was told they would last about 3 weeks and I can't wait to find out. Stay tuned!