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Morris Moves

What is it:

Bells, baskets and bikes oh my! Morris Moves is a bike share initiative provided by the Loantaka Brook Reservation and the Morris County Park Commission. The initiative is sponsored by Atlantic Health System, Delta Dental, Community Foundation of New Jersey and made conveniently accessible by Zagster.

Morris Moves makes going on a bike ride fun, easy and affordable. You don't have to own a bike or worry about transporting a bike, all you need to do to is download an app.

How does it work:

Currently there are three different bike stations in the Morristown area where you can rent a bike, all located within the Loantaka Brook Reservation.

To start your ride, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Join. Download the Zagster app and join the Morris Moves bike share.

  2. Choose. Find your bike’s number and enter it into the Zagster app to get a unique unlock code.

  3. Unlock. Enter the unlock code into the on-bike keypad. After the ring lock opens, remove the docking cable from the side of the ring lock.


  1. Return. Park your bike at a Morris Moves Zagster station. Press and HOLD the LOCK button on the keypad until the light flashes.

  2. Lock. On the right side of the bike, find the orange tab on the ring lock and slide it down. Place the docking cable from the station into the port on the ring lock. Tap END RIDE in the Zagster app.

How much does it cost:

Zagster offers a few different membership options:

  • Pay as you go. This option allows you to literally pay as you ride with a rate of $1 every 30 minutes, up to $48/ride.

  • Monthly Membership. This option is $10 billed monthly. Trips under 1 hour are free, then pay $1 per hour up to $24/ride.

  • Sponsor monthly membership. This membership is only available to users with an @deltadentalnj.com, @cfnj.org, or @atlantichealth.org email address. It is $5 billed monthly. Trips under 1 hour are free, then pay $1 per hour up to $24/ride.

  • Free employee annual membership. This membership is only available to users with an @morrisparks.net email address. All rides at Morris Moves are FREE! Lucky you!

My experience:

Since Morris Moves was launched, I have gone on 3 bike rides using Zagster. I absolutely love it. The bikes are simple yet functional with cute features such as a basket and bell. It is a great option for those who want to enjoy going on a bike ride and don't want to worry about logistics. So far I have been using the pay-as-you-go option, but after three bike rides totaling $8 in a 2-week time frame, I think it makes more sense to do the monthly membership. The only con I have is that you cannot reserve the bikes ahead of time. You have to use the app to see how many bikes are available at each location, however, this changes frequently and there is no guarantee that a bike will be available.

Overall, I think Morris Moves is an amazing initiative and hope to see more stations all throughout Morristown!

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