• Ms. Morristown

My Experience: Love at First Fit

Ladies! This post is definitely geared more towards you, but guys that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't give this post a read...it's about lingerie...do I have your attention now?

I recently visited The Dain Shoppe in Morristown, and my bra shopping days have been forever changed. My visit started with a fitting. Gals, when was the last time you had a bra fitting? Answer honestly. It's been so long for me that it turns out I was wearing the wrong size bra...umm mind blown and credit card soon to be maxed on some new essentials. Seriously, this shoppe is beyond worth a visit for some amaze, one-of-a-kind pieces for your well umm... pieces?

Guys if I lost you, do yourselves a favor and just skip down to the BOLD GUYS section.

Chicas if you want to feel fun, flirty AND comfortable then head to The Dain Shoppe. I've seriously never had the custom attention or fit anywhere else. There is a reason they claim, "Love at First Fit," now schedule your fitting ASAP!

GUYS: Send your girl here! Schedule a custom fitting for her and you will be rewarded! (wink, wink!) Have the concierge take notes (hint...now you can walk in and know exactly what to get her and not feel creepy or weird.)

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