• Ms. Morristown

Pig Life: Influencer Dinner at the Committed Pig

Last week I attended an Influencer Dinner at The Committed Pig. What is an influencer dinner? An influencer dinner is hosted by a restaurant for local influencers to come in, try menu items, network, take pics and meet the owner(s). It’s a way for the restaurant to show their appreciation and it’s pure genius if you’re a restaurant owner. Think about it...you host a dinner, invite a few local influencers who will be posting and sharing their experiences, and now your restaurant is getting blasted out all over social media to potentially tens of thousands of people!

The invite list for The Committed Pig’s Influencer Dinner included: @frvdmedia, @morristownvibes, @addyandbloom, @motown_mofood, and @burger.buff. Combined, this group has nearly 20,000 followers!

Every influencer who attended got some Pig Life swag and was able to order anything off the menu. I chose the Burgernut, a classic American cheeseburger served on a glazed donut. Yup! A glazed donut is the bun. 🤤

We also all had the opportunity to sit down with the owner, Jerry Rotunno and hear all about how The Committed Pig came to be and find out what‘s coming next. Hint: It’s a new restaurant! Location TBA!

What’s dinner without dessert?

Before the night was over we all got to try a few desserts. My absolute fave were the Red Velvet Fried Oreos.

The Committed Pig is Committed to Influencers.

A HUGE thank you to Jerry and The Committed Pig for the invite, opportunity to learn more about your restaurant(s) and to try some things I’ve never had before! Everything was delicious! Be back soon!