• Ms. Morristown

Power Tools & Pinot Noir

Power tools and Pinot...this sounds like a post that could have an ending with a visit to Morristown Memorial ER. I assure you it doesn't! This post is all about my first DIY experience and how two things that seemingly wouldn't go together (tools & wine) ended up being a fun date night out, ending with a custom, craftsman wine rack!

Have you ever heard of DIY Uncorked? I hadn't. Until Matt, one of the founders, reached out to invite me to an upcoming event to make an industrial style wine rack. If you have ever gone to a Paint & Sip or PlantNite then the concept is very similar: You bring wine and snacks and they supply the project.

At first I thought that the majority of the project would already be completed and we would more or less be assembling the pieces. But that wouldn't be very DIY now would it? No! Upon arriving at Glassworks Studio, where DIY Morristown operates out of, I soon learned that we would be doing everything from start to finish. This included sanding the wood, using a nail gun, power drill, wood glue and stain.

I have to admit holding a nail gun was a bit intimidating at first...but the instructors (and my boyfriend) were extremely helpful and I soon felt like I could be on an episode of Fixer Upper! Piece by piece, our wine rack began to come together. We used metal pipes that would hold the wine glasses and bottles and we installed them using a power drill. The whole time I kept thinking, "Wow we are actually building something!"

Soon it came time to pick the stain. We opted for a light gray stain that we added some red highlights to. Completely custom and one-of-a-kind. There were about four groups in total, some out on date night like us, and some GNO. Each group's project came out a little different which was so cool to see.

Within roughly two hours and one bottle of wine later, my

boyfriend and I had ourselves a complete, custom, industrial-look wine rack that we couldn't wait to hang in our apartment!

A date night and a new decor piece...Talk about a win-win! We would highly recommend trying DIY Uncorked out for yourself!

DIY Uncorked hosts several events within Morristown. Check out their calendar here!