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"Pup" & Coming: Meet Puptown Girls!

I absolutely love when new businesses and ideas get their start in Morristown. If you've lived in Morristown for a while you know how much positive change has happened here in just the past few years. New businesses and ideas are everywhere and they deserve some support as they get their start!

This Up & Coming post, or should I say "Pup" & Coming, is all about the latest Morristown dog walking service, Puptown Girls!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the two founders of Puptown Girls, Abby Crawford and Lia Ferranti. Both have an extreme passion for pups and created Puptown Girls out of their desire to help care for dogs in their community. Both Abby and Lia have extensive experience caring for dogs, being walkers and boarding. They recognized the need in a busy community like Morristown, and wanted to lend their time and expertise to pup owners who work long hours and are seeking someone they can trust.

Puptown Girls motto is, "Friends helping Friends and Their Furry Friend!"

Morristown is a rapidly growing community but still small in many ways. When forming Puptown Girls, Abby and Lia wanted to provide a service that conveys passion, trust and friendship. Their causal yet professional approach offers confidence to busy pet owners, 7/days a week, throughout the Morristown community.

In order to gain the trust of the pup and pet owner, Puptown Girls offers a complimentary Meet & Greet before any walk. If necessary, or requested, they will also do a walk together with the pup and owner to ensure and develop trust. They then will coordinate all logistics and customize their services on a client-to-client basis. For example, if multiple visits are requested throughout the day, Puptown Girls will be there whenever you and your pup needs them.

Check out the services Puptown Girls currently offer:

  • Dog walking

  • Recurring Services

  • Drop- In- Visits

  • Feeding

  • Visit updates

  • Playtime

  • COMING SOON: Boarding!

Puptown Girls are now taking new furry friends!

Need a dog walker or know someone who does? Reach out to Puptown Girls here. BONUS PUPTOWN GIRLS OFFER: Refer a friend and get a free walk!