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Summus Body & Mind

Imagine a place you can walk into and immediately feel the energy. This is Summus, a complete body and mind sanctuary. From the hydronic-heated floors, to the halo chandelier at check-in, I challenge you to enter this space and ignore the vibe. (If I'm sounding like a yogic, hippie, well, praise Summus).

I experienced a beautiful tour, led by the equally beautiful Donna Archer. Now, talk about energy, this woman exudes it.

The space is beautiful. I'm over-emphasizing this on purpose. Donna gave me the full-tour which included the yoga studio, the float spa (more on that later), the Cryo center, Sauna, and the tea lounge.

Next up on the tour experience was a Cryo Facial. I had tried a Cryo Facial before at a different business, and actually did not like it. At all. I felt like I couldn't breathe, I found myself holding my breath at points and I actually stopped the facial early. So I explained this to Donna and expressed my hesitations. With her reassurance, I decided to try again. I am so glad that I did. It was a complete night and day difference. Donna was so calming, the cryogenic nitrogen wasn't too cold (which was probably a factor in my last experience gone wrong), and the whole time I felt beyond relaxed. Which is how a Cryo Facial should feel! BONUS: While I was receiving the facial, Donna put on Normatec Recovery Boots which are designed aide circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Win-Win.

After the facial, we went into the Relaxing Tea Lounge and sipped the most delicious herbal tea. A visit here is truly a mind-body experience.

Now, back to the float spa. I didn't forget! Have you ever seen Stranger Things? If so, you remember the sensory deprivation tank that Eleven had to submerge herself in to get to the Upside Down. This is a great way to begin to visualize the Float Spa (minus the Demogorgon). Inside the Float Spa you... float...in salt water that is more buoyant than the Dead Sea AND with a temperature that matches your own body temp. You essentially cannot tell where your body ends and the water begins, cue sensory deprivation. The benefits of floating are vast like the sea (pun intended) and include:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Heightened creativity

  • Pain & tension reduction

  • Improved sleep cycles

  • Enhanced meditation practice

  • And many more you can read about here.

I have not tried the Float Spa yet... I experience claustrophobia and because of this I'm apprehensive. However, I am all for the benefits and will try anything once. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, I will definitely be back for another Cryo Facial with Donna and to try out their Whole Body Cryo. I'll also be trying a yoga class, specifically their Ashtanga Yoga, or Therapy Yoga. Learn more about this type of yoga practice here.

PS. Summus is expanding! They just acquired the cleaning business in front (currently you enter this sanctuary through the back of the building located at 173 Washington Street, and is easy to miss). They are in the process of doing a complete build out and I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

Have you been to Summus? What is your experience? Have any questions for me? Ask them in the comments below!

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