• Ms. Morristown

TBK Cook Shop

TBH, I've never attended a Cook Shop before, but I was equal parts excited and curious.

I had been invited to Cook Shop at Town Bar & Kitchen by Dawn Del Russo, a Fashion & TV Style expert and overall sweetie (definitely go give her a follow), who I met through networking. She was working with Chris Bezzone, Chef Alberto Schenck, Executive Chef at Town Bar + Kitchen and Todd Redmond, General Manager of TBK and former co-owner of David Todd's on South Street. PS. Do you remember this place?!

The goal of #TBKCookShop was to bring a how-to cooking demo in a restaurant setting while still maintaining a home cooking vibe.

The event started with drinks and networking and then we were escorted downstairs for a behind the scenes tour of Town's kitchen. There we watched Chef Alberto, Dawn and Chris prepare the dish we would be enjoying later on the rooftop...Salmon en Papillote.

It felt like I was in the audience of a live-broadcast cooking show.

While the team was demonstrating how to prepare the dish, complimentary rose wine and salmon tartare was being passed around. This was truly an experience.

After the demo, we went up to the roof to enjoy the finished product. The dish was amazing. As soon as you opened the parchment pouch, the aromas of fresh herbs and seasonings literally left your mouth-watering. The end result: It tasted as good as it smelt and looked. We even received a copy of the recipe to take home!

Overall, #TBKCookShop was truly a unique experience while being both fun and interactive. I can't wait to try and re-create the recipe at home!

Hopefully there will be future Cook Shops throughout Morristown! I would love, and know others would too, to see how other kitchens operate while learning how to prepare a restaurant-inspired dish!

Thanks again for the invite Dawn!