• Ms. Morristown

#WFH Survival Guide: Week 1

It's been about one full week since many of us started "Working from Home" and the #WFH began trending. To be honest, one week ago I didn't even know what the hashtag WFH meant! Now it's literally life. If you're like me, the first 24 hours were pretty awesome but now you're like, "Heyy routine...." So to adjust to this new normal, I put together a #WFH Survival Guide based on my one week of experience and your awesome suggestions. Thank you to everyone who responded to my story question and the #WFH pros I consulted with! Check it out and let me know what is #Working

  1. Set a Sched: Create a schedule and block out the hours you would normally work so you don't go beyond your "normal" work day. It can be really easy for the hours to blur together and creating a schedule will help to keep you on track and be productive. PRO TIP: Set an alarm at the end of the day so you know when to shut it down and stop working. Thanks for this one @pattyonsocial

  2. Wakeup & Makeup. Ok maybe NO to putting on makeup, but try and follow what your routine would normally look like. So if that routine includes showering, shower. FACT: I have loved being in my LuLu's all week but when I showered and actually did my hair I felt better and more motivated to take on the day from my island, kitchen island that is.

  3. Get OUT: Especially while we still can! Seriously, get outside and go for a walk, and not a walk looking down at your phone the whole time. Walk away from the screens. Getting out is a great way to break up the day and reset. Try and set two of these breaks if possible. There are so many studies out there on the positive effects of grounding (being close to nature) and taking dedicated breaks from tasks so you have a fresh perspective when you go back at it. So go on a walk, maybe pickup some curbside to go while it's still available.

  4. Move! If you no longer have the luxury of getting out, try scheduling movement breaks. Today I did a 5 minute arms & shoulders work out and not only did I feel good for doing a mini-workout I also felt more energized to tackle my inbox. If you need some workout/movement inspo head to @fit.like.krys and @cj.train

  5. Separate Spaces: Separate where you sleep from where you work and create a dedicated space, (ideally not your bed or couch) where you will #WFH. Doing this helps you both start and stop your day. It also helps you stay organized. No one wants to wake up with Post-Its on their forehead, K?!

  6. Schedule Snacktime: My first #WFH day might as well have been #NationalSnackDay I learned quickly and to avoid the #COVID15 I had to build dedicated snack times into my routine. I'll admit, at first I felt like I was back in kindergarten, but then I remembered how much joy snack time brought...In all seriousness, it can be really easy to graze mindlessly throughout the day, so set time for snack and chose healthy options that will sustain your energy because working from home is exhausting AF.

  7. Get Techy: Meet my new bff, Zoom. This video-conferencing app has made this week so much more manageable and also pretty fun. There's a free version but you are limited in how long you can "Zoom" for. Zoom is also a great way to get together with friends because you know #SocialDistancing. I've had at least two Zoom Happy Hours this week and they have been extremely fun and entertaining!

  8. Manage your Great Expectations: This is an adjustment! And if after the first week you don't succeed, well, we'll probably all be working from home again next week! So go easy on yourself! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

Got some more #WFH tips? Share them here or DM me @ms.morristown.