• Ms. Morristown

What do a bookstore & beer garden have in common? What about an antique store & a spiritual shop?

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Well I’m sure we could conjure up some similarities and parallels but let me cut to the chase… they are all retailers that don’t currently exist in Morristown.

Morristown is a lot of things. A growing city full of trendy apartments but still maintains historic charm, a thriving bar scene any given night and a center for arts, food and well-being. Morristown is on the verge. It has come so far in recent years but still has a ways to go. However, when you are on the verge of something you either explode forward or roll slowly backwards.

Let me just get this out there…I love Morristown. I have lived here for nearly a decade (when you went to Footlocker for workout clothes not Athleta) and have seen many retailers come and go and others wildly succeed. I love it so much that I have an Instagram page dedicated entirely to promoting the town and all of its local businesses. Please follow me @ms.morristown

There is nothing more I want than ongoing bragging rights to the amazing town I call home. But....I don’t believe Morristown caters to all of its residents. If you ask any Morristonian what they would like to see added to their town I will bet you a Macho Nacho burrito, (with guac), that they will rattle off at least two vendors that they would like to see plant their roots. I’m so confident because I have done the ground work. So if I walked up to you and asked you this question on The Green, thank you for the feedback!

A beer garden, bookstore, a spiritual shop (think astrology and crystals), and an antique store (who doesn’t love to go antiquing?) are just some of the retailers that YOU and I believe Morristown is missing.

Picture this… you wake up Saturday morning walk into town and on the way to Commit to Change or Guerilla Fitness you pick up the latest NY Times bestseller. After class you snag the most awesome, old school, antique book case to place your newly purchased novel on. Then since you worked out, you decide to treat yourself and meet your friends for an afternoon at Morristown’s Microbrew Beer Garden. After a beer or five, you’re really feeling Zen and pick up a crystal to channel all this positive energy you’re exuding. Maybe this sounds crazy to you or maybe its your idea of a perfect Saturday living in Morristown. You tell me. This is your town too. Would you like to see the retailers mentioned above, or maybe you have a completely different idea of what Morristown needs? Comment below. It’s your town, your voice!

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